The Birth of Jesus – A Biblical Perspective


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One of the cornerstones of the gospel is the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. He was born as the Son of God and as the Son of man, just as Isaiah prophesied. This booklet addresses the following questions:

• Why is the virgin birth so critically important to the Christian faith?
• Why do Jewish scholars dismiss any possibility that the prophecy found in Isaiah 7:14 is predictive ofthe virgin birth?
• Why do Jewish scholars consider the citing of this prophecy in Matthew 1:23 to be both a mistranslation and an illegitimate use based on its scriptural context?
• Why was December 25th chosen as the date of Jesus’ birth?
• When and why did the church begin to celebrate Christmas as a symbol of Jesus’ birth?
• Why are decorated evergreen trees associated with Christmas?
• What is the New Testament ordinance for celebrating and remembering Jesus’ birth?

This booklet examines the virgin birth of Jesus Christ from both Old and New Testament perspectives.

Cover Design: Kate Hewitt


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Cover Design:

Kate Hewitt

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