Heaven and How to Get There


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“…there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying…no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”

Sometimes people picture themselves in Heaven, sitting on fluffy white clouds and playing harps. But what is Heaven really like? We need look no further than the pages of Scripture.From the first chapter of Genesis to the final pages of Revelation, the word Heaven is mentioned more than 500 times. Believers who die or are taken up in the rapture will spend time in three separate places: in Heaven, on earth during Christ’s millennium reign, and then in the New Jerusalem for eternity.Perhaps you would like to spend eternity in Heaven, but are unsure if Heaven is your final destination. Perhaps you have a dear friend, neighbour, or loved one who has not accepted Jesus Christ. Then this booklet is for you as it traces the steps to salvation through the person of Jesus Christ.As we compare the early chapters of Genesis with the final chapters of Revelation, we see how God truly will make all things new. We will see the breathtaking and indescribable physical beauty of the magnificent holy city with streets of gold, walls of jasper, where the gates are made of pearls.


Harvey Katz



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