Serving God in True Holiness


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“You must be holy because I am holy”

It’s difficult to imagine a time in history when evil has so infiltrated society. Perversion and corruption are on the increase and invade every area of life. This clarion call to be holy addresses a society in which the church tolerates behavior the world would have condemned fifty years ago.

Many have tried to pursue holiness, but have mistakenly fallen into legalism and self-righteousness. Others wanting to befriend the world have lowered God’s standard of holiness in an attempt to make the gospel appear more inviting.

How do Christians find that divine balance between being in the world, without being influenced and defiled by the world? This booklet looks at the biblical principles that provide a practical approach to walking in true holiness-being a light to the world as we demonstrate God’s purity, grace, and love


Howard Katz





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