Unity in the Body of Jesus


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“that they all may be one”

Jesus’ last prayer before He went to the cross reflects His desire for unity in His body—that His believers all would be one. John’s Gospel tells us that our love for each other is our witness to the world that we are Jesus’ disciples. The body of Jesus should be a picture of unity of Spirit, but that is not always the case. Although we strive for unity in the church, our unity is often threatened.

The church is filled with diversity: ethnicity, cultural tradition, skin colour, language, giftedness, education, and economic status.

These differences can become barriers and cause disunity within the church, or we can embrace our differences. Through the fruit of the Spirit, we can work together as one body to promote God’s plan and purpose for the church—individually and collectively.

This booklet explores how by applying scriptural truths, our differences can strengthen and not weaken the church, instead adding richness and maintaining unity. Every person is part of God’s family and has unique talents of vital importance to contribute to the body of Jesus.

Each of us is called to play a part in answering Jesus’ final prayer.


Harvey Katz





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