Joseph’s Three Coats


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“Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh.”

Three different coats were removed from Joseph before he could fulfill God’s purpose for his life – to save his people from the coming famine and become Pharaohs second in command in Egypt.

– The Coat of a Son

– The Coat of a Servant

– The Coat of a Victim

Joseph is an Old Testament picture of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we see that the three coats were removed from Jesus as well, and in the same order that Joseph’s coats were removed. Only when these three coats were removed could Joseph be clothed in glorious robes of authority.

Through their stories, we can apply these timeless truths to our lives. Like Joseph and Jesus, we can take off our coats of rejection, misunderstanding, and the coat of a victim and put on robes of faith, hope, and love.


Howard Katz





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