The Relationship Between Israel and the Church


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The Relationship between Israel and the Church is often misunderstood. Some believe Israel is no longer part of God’s plan and that the Church has replaced Israel. Others believe that Jews can be saved by remaining faithful to Judaism without receiving Jesus. The Bible and current events show us that Israel continues to be important and relevant to God. From a biblical perspective this book examines the vital issues concerning Israel and the Church to bring understanding to the Body of Christ.

What does it mean that blindness has come over the nation of Israel?

What does it mean that all Israel will be saved?

Is the Church Jew or Gentile?

Are believers required to celebrate the Feasts?

Are believers required to keep the Law?

Has the Church replaced Israel in God’s plan?

Howard Katz is from a Jewish background, the eldest son of a Holocaust survivor. At the age of twenty, Howard received Christ as his Savior. He is the founding pastor of a church located in London, Ontario, Canada.


Howard Katz





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