Becoming a Friend of God


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Five Separations in Abraham’s Life

Becoming a Friend of God examines the process by which Abraham became the father of the faith and how, through a series of surrenders, he lived a life of total submission to God. Throughout the story, we observe consistent and interwoven patterns of behavior as Abraham matured in his faith. Abraham had to place his relationships in divine order as he parted from his family and his homeland, which represents separation from the world; from Lot which represents a false sense of responsibility; from Ishmael, which represents self-effort; from Isaac, which represents placing God above His blessings; and finally from Sarah, which represents separation from grief.

Each separation Abraham experienced was progressive, each separation was from a particular relationship, and each separation resulted in a more intimate relationship between Abraham and God. Becoming a Friend of God details the process which transformed Abraham from a pagan to a man of great faith and obedience. Abraham’s story leaves no doubt that God wants our relationship with Him through Jesus Christ to supersede all other relationships.

In many ways, Abraham’s story will be our story, as we may be asked to make some of the same choices Abraham as asked to make. The book closes with a review of the characteristics that made Abraham a great man of God-characteristics we can emulate in our lives to become a friend of God.

Howard Katz is from a Jewish background, the eldest son of a Holocaust survivor. He received Christ as his Savior at the age of twenty. He is the founding pastor of a church located in the core of the city. Howard and his wife Lena have three sons and live in London, Ontario, Canada.


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